About Us
IDG Enterprise brings together unique editorial brands (CFOworld, CIO, CIO Executive Council, Computerworld, CSO, DEMO, InfoWorld, ITworld and Network World) to serve the information needs of millions of technology, financial, and security-focused professionals.  As a digital-centric media company, we serve our audiences with award-winning content and communities, while driving conversation and conversion, across our entire portfolio of expertly developed websites, events, magazines, products, services and communities.

We provide our audiences – CIOs, CSOs, CEOs, CFOs, and IT, security and financial managers and professionals – with the award-winning content that allows them to be more strategic and thus more valued by their organizations. This creates a loyal and engaged audience because they know they can trust us to educate them on the latest technology trends and news, provide critical insight and analysis, and provide the forums for them to interact – in-person and online – with their peers.
  • Nearly 2 million IT professionals read our four print titles CIO, Computerworld, CSO and Network World each month
  • More than 8 million visitors read 23 million+ pages of content on our websites each month
  • Nearly 15,000 qualified IT executives attend one of our 300+ conferences or events each year
  • 75,000+ follow our brands on Twitter
  • 49,000+ are members of our brands’ social media forums

Our entrenchment within the IT, security and financial communities allows us to create unique and powerful opportunities for marketers to engage in meaningful and productive ways–to be a relevant part of the conversations driving organizations’ agendas and product development. Our continual innovation, using the 4Cs lens for product development, allows us to bring unique programs to the table to help marketers be successful in surrounding their customers and prospects with useful information and engagement opportunities. In the past year, IDG Enterprise has launched more products and initiatives than any other B2B tech media company including:
  • CFOworld.com – a new site to engage financial and business executives
  • Vertical industry sites for Computerworld.com – targeted sites for IT Healthcare, IT Finance and IT Government
  • ITworld.com re-architecture – creating a more socially connected site where visitors can connect with content contributors, peers and registered ITworld members
  • White Paper Configurator – allowing marketers to deliver customized white papers based on user profiles
  • Enterprise Benchmarking – a customized research tool allowing customers to compare their own developments against those of their peers
  • LeadAccel – a premium lead generation program that goes from lead consulting and reporting through scoring and nurturing
  • TechNets – allows advertisers to expand their interaction beyond IDG brands with re-targeting to sites in IDG TechNetwork as visitors move around the Web
  • Interactive iPad Ad Units – utilizing the unique device features to engage site visitors with the Catfish Ad and Video IMU program
  • Mobilization of Websites – sites have been enhanced to perform better on an array of mobile devices
  • iPhone apps – developed for each of our print brands to reach our audience in this anytime, anywhere world
  • CIO Strategy Forum on LinkedIn – tapping into the most powerful IT community on LinkedIn with research and discussion.
  • CIO Executive Council Pathways program – providing business, leadership and technology development tools, as well as mentoring programs for CIO Executive Council members and their staff
  • Cloud Leadership Forum – industry event bringing together thought leaders from all stakeholders in the future of cloud computing to examine, debate and decide the issues critical to the success of public- and private-clouds

And it doesn’t stop there. Check back to see what new products are just around the corner!

IDG Enterprise is an International Data Group (IDG) company. International Data Group (IDG), is an the world largest technology focused  web-centric business-to-business media, research and expo company. Company information is available at www.idg.com.

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